Destination Wednesday: Alliance, Nebraska and Carhenge

destination wednesday by fallenpeachContinuing to make those February goal changes to the blog, I’ve decided to change the bulky title of Past Adventures of the Nowhere Nerds to DESTINATION WEDNESDAY. It will also make it easier to post current and future adventures within this title, which is nice since we plan on having a lot more adventures.

Today we will be traveling back to 2009 and our visit to Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska.

Carhenge Photo Laminated Bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy

From our Hello America blog:

“Alliance… was pretty incredible. A one street town with a lot of what seemed like trailer homes, a couple gas stations, a couple hotels and a few fast food joints. And a lot of open space. It was an interesting experience, totally different from what I’m used to.

Woke up sort of early, but not as early as planned due to need of sleep, and went to Carhenge. Let me stress NEBRASKA IS FRIGGING COLD. And really windy. And there was still snow on the g round. Carhenge was supremely awesome but I couldn’t feel my fingers after a minute so I really hope I got some good shots. We were out there taking photos for a while but I kept having to take breaks to try and warm my hands. Matt says that Carhenge is kind of in an area like the real Stonehenge. I’m jealous. Now I want to go to Stonehenge. And come back to Carhenge in the Summer. So so so cold. Nebraska is COLD.

The landscape got kinda wacky after that – a lot of hills that I don’t think I can express in words or photos – they were so hard to capture. I was driving also, so Matt got some photos of those, but we decided that we aren’t really landscape photographers so we’re not sure if they capture the beauty of the hills.” – April 2009

The bookmark shown is of a car that was off in the distance, sort of away from the actual Carhenge, but I love how the photo came out. Carhenge Photograph is also available as a Greeting Card.


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