Update on FOCUS, Word of 2013

fallenpeach word for 2013 is focus

About two weeks ago I decided that my WORD for 2013 would be FOCUS. Since then I have succeeded about 50% of the time at FOCUSING.

I set single goals for each day of the week and then a larger goal for each weekend. Last weekend was all about wedding photos. We spent time choosing the photos we want in an album and I sent out a slew of emails related to the photos. Unfortunately, the FOCUS expanded a little into this weekend where we made copies for parents to sort through and actually printed the photos. Tonight I’m going to put them in an album and then I can call it done.

Weekend goals seem to be going fine, it’s the weekday goals that I’m having trouble with. Working a day job, I find it hard to do things before and after work. Before I’m too tired and tend to re-set my alarm a few times, afterwards I’m exhausted and just want to settle in to dinner and a movie or book. SO, this week my goal is to determine what I need to do to have time each day for my goals. I also need to narrow my daily goals a bit so that I don’t feel overwhelmed.

This weekend we also experimented with ART SUNDAY. Matt worked on a new painting and I spent time working on fallenpeach business and art. We are hoping to do this every Sunday, or at least every other Sunday, in order to get back into the swing of things and also so that I can keep on top of all of my projects! Hopefully this will help me accomplish my weekday goals if I know Sunday is my overflow day with definite time for more art and fallenpeach things that I can’t get done during the week.

Do you work a day job? How do you organize your time to get everything done?


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