Photo: Can You Find My Car?

mini  cooper clubman buried in snow nemo blizzard 2013

That is my Mini Cooper Clubman last Saturday after the Blizzard Nemo (or Charlotte) blasted through Connecticut. We spent a lot of time watching Star Wars movies (marathon!), shoveling, and waiting for the snow plow last weekend. It was actually kind of  nice, in a weird kind of snowed in way. Now, just over a week later, a good amount of snow has melted and things are pretty much back to normal – including me blogging!

The blizzard and a couple of other things threw off my schedule last week, but I’m working on getting back on track. Yesterday I listed a new keychain in the shop, Cozy Dogs Route 66 Photo Keychain , and wrote out some goals for this week in my new engagement calendar. I’m looking forward to crossing things off my list this week and showing off some cool photos I took last week.

Did Nemo hit your town too? Did it slow you down at all?


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