Destination Wednesday: Chicago


destination wednesday by fallenpeachChicago Theatre Photo Greeting Card by fallenpeach on etsy

Welcome to the second “episode” of Destination Wednesday. Click here to read the first “episode” about Loveland Castle. The next big location we hit on our first road trip was Chicago where I took the above photograph. Here is what I wrote on our blog:

Day 3 – Woke up a little earlier today and walked to the river to take some photos. Also saw the Chicago Theater (so jealous .. Leonard Cohen and a Doo-Wop group are on the marquee). It’s damn cold in Chicago. And Windy. My ears were sooo cold……only 1 hour to Wilmington where we take a brief break to see the Gemini Giant which is so totally going to be on someone’s lawn.

Here we are on the road again, eating nutrigrain bars and goldfish and singing along with my road trip mix (yesterday was most of matt’s). I’ve only spilled and stepped on a few goldfish crackers, so so far the car is pretty clean inside. Cluttered, but not a complete disaster. Movin Right Along is such an awesome song, from the Muppet Movie. It makes me happy. “California Here We Come”….But first Nebraska and Tonopah, NV.

Realized this morning that while we’re gaining an hour with every stop on the way, it’ll be reversed on the way back, which will be a bit of a pain. We’ll just have to remember to account for that. But it’s awesome for right now since we started off a little late. We’ll probably catch up and be able to be up for 5 or 6 tomorrow. Today we left Chicago around 7:45 or 8 am.

Eww the windshield is splattered with the giant bugs that attack us at night. And during the day. Gonna have to clean that the next time we get gas.

I remember how excited we were to be heading west. After Chicago it would be completely new ground for both of us to cover, so although we would have liked to stay in Chicago longer we were itching to keep moving. My Chicago Marquee photograph is available as a greeting card (above) and as a bookmark:

Chicago Marquee Photo bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy


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