Back in Action: February Goals for the Meetup

february goals meetup fallenpeach

I think I started a thing when I posted on twitter that I’d be back at the Meetup posting my goals for February. Several people weren’t sure Meetup was still happening. Over the course of a day of tweets I realized how much I had missed catching up with everyone at the beginning of the month and how important posting my monthly goals is to me.

For those who don’t know, the Meetup is a group that originally started with Jena over at Miss Modish and then traveled to Liz Kalloch Designs . Every month a group of us would blog our goals and then “meetup” by commenting on each other’s posts, encouraging each other and getting to know each other.

With the wedding craziness last year I had goals but I had stopped blogging them because it was just too much. Now that the wedding is over, I’m getting back to my normal schedule and I want and need the Meetup to be part of that. As I mentioned on twitter, I’d love to be the new home to Meetup Headquarters (although I’m not sure how much or what else I’ll be able to do with it) and over the next month I’m going to work on setting up a page for us here at this blog. Stay tuned 🙂

But till then, let’s look at what I accomplished in January and what I have plans for in February!

In January

I came back to blogging

Re-branded fallenpeach with new logo, banners and prices

Added a new product into the shop (keychains!)

Matt made more Sammy illustrations and I added them into the shop

For February

I will add several more keychains into the shop

I will brainstorm with Matt for Spring themed Sammy illustrations

I will decide on a set schedule of features for this blog

I will send in my application for the Milford Oyster Festival craft fair

I will sort through Honeymoon photos for new bookmark images

I will put together more pendants and organize them for selling at a consignment shop

I will catch up on my Project Life book (I’m going to document at least our first 5 years of marriage)

I will sort our wedding photographs and decide which ones to print for an album

I will keep up with EEBA and continue to work on our budget and debt management

and I think that’s enough to keep me busy!

How was your January? What are your plans for February?  How do you feel about me keeping the Meetup going with a headquarters at the fallenpeach blog?


3 thoughts on “Back in Action: February Goals for the Meetup

  1. I’m so glad to see you’re wanting to host the meetup! Although I’ve grown to need my monthly goals posts, it is always great to have cheerleaders! Your re-branding is fun, new but still keeping the feel/colors from the older graphics! And i love your offset circle date!

  2. Hi Lindsey,

    Here’s to a great February! It seems like you have a lot to do. Wow, I like Project Life Book. I suppose we should all get that stuff down before we forget it all…

    And yes, I would like to join in with the Meetup if you start it again. I think it really helps.

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