Destination Wednesday: Loveland Castle, Ohio

destination wednesday by fallenpeach

Today I’m introducing a new feature to the blog: Destination Wednesday. Matt and I blogged our previous road trips on a different blog for friends and family, but I would love to tell some of those stories here at fallenpeach. I’m going to start with our first big road trip, which we nicknamed Hello America. I’m going to edit as little as possible, but keep in mind I was mostly typing on a netbook in a moving car while trying to also look at everything around me 🙂 .

Here is a snippet from 2009 and our trip to Loveland Castle in Loveland Ohio:

loveland castle suit of armour

“Okay , so Loveland Castle is totally worth it. We’re driving through town and it seems like a pretty busy center of malls and restaurants and stuff, then we go residential and I’m still not seeing a castle. Finally we turn down this road and end up going down a crazy, steep, curvy road lined with pretty greening bushes and trees. At the bottom is Loveland Castle. Walk in, pay our $3/person fee and get a mini informational lecture about the castle from the man at the counter. This guy in the 1920’s had a group of boys who would hike and camp and fish in the river there and they called themselves the Knights .. of something I can’t remember, so he figured if they were knights they should have a castle. He spent the next 50 years building the castle by hand and when he passed away they turned it into a memorial museum in his honor.

It was actually a pretty cool story and the castle was fun to wander. There was a dungeon with a “wild man” skeleton and an upstairs with a dining hall room and a balcony overlooking part of the pretty gardens also on the grounds. If I was a boy in the 1930’s I would have totally loved it. Hell as a girl I would have too, but wouldn’t have been allowed in. 😛 There were a lot of secret hatches and ladders and things to explore that were all locked, unfortunately. There were also rooms set up that were locked like a room with a desk and a typewriter and another with a bed. Tons of suits of armour as well. :)”

At Loveland Castle I took the above photo of a suit of armor which is available in our shop as a bookmark and a greeting card.

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Knight Greeting card fallenpeach


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