Married, Honeymooned and Back to Work


Lindsey & Matt Get Married


Hi everyone! I’ve missed blogging, but life took over for a bit. Matt and I were married in late September and followed it up with a wonderful honeymoon at Disney World and Gatlinburg Tennessee. Above is one of my favorite shots of us from our wonderful photographer Stefanie Kapra of Stefanie Kapra Photography.

Now that we are back and settled back into work with all thank you notes written and photos to display – I’ve been hard at work on fallenpeach. I have a lot of plans, most of which I would like to have implemented by February 2013, and I can’t wait to show it all off to you!

The first step I’ve taken is to redesign and re-focus our brand. Our logo is all new, as are our banners at this blog and twitter and Etsy Shop. I will be updating our Facebook Page and other places soon.

Also, I’ve begun combining the fallenpeach shop and the custompeach shop. What does this mean? You will soon be able to browse and purchase from our selection of travel photography products, graphic design offers, cute illustrations and custom portraits and artwork all from one shop! We will also be adding new products and changing things up in the shop a bit.

By February, I’d also like to be back on track with my Meetup Goals to keep myself focused. Additionally, I will be doing my best to blog more regularly again. Stay tuned!


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