30 before 30 Recap: 12 & 14 with a touch of #9

Though Technically I haven’t accomplished #9 yet (Do something artistic with our road trip postcards), I do have a brilliant plan for them. We are going to have our wedding guests write us notes on them and then put them in a photo album as a guest book. I’m pretty sure we have plenty postcards (I collected at least 2 per state) and if not we can pick some local ones up to fill in the gaps. The problem is that they are different sizes, so I’m not sure what kind of photo album I’ll be able to use yet. Also, we want to be able to see both the front and back of the postcard. I’ll keep you posted when it’s done!

#12 Go to Water Country

Water Country in New Hampshire is one of my favorite water parks. I’m not sure if it’s just because I went there a lot as a child or if it really is just that awesome, but I love it. I blogged about the vacation in general here. It was a lot of fun to bring Matt to one of my childhood haunts, although it was a bit strange too.

#14 See Movies at a Drive-In Movie Theater

Another item from my childhood. When I was a kid and went camping with my parents we visited a couple drive-ins. I remember, in particular, watching a movie with my headphones out the back window of the car while my parents watched a different movie from the front. Matt and I first went to Mansfield Drive-In to see Captain America and had a blast. We’ve since been back for Brave and Men in Black 3 and I’m sure we’ll go again. They also have a great big flea market every Sunday in the Summer and I can’t wait to go visit some lazy Sunday. I originally blogged about this here.

The recap will continue with 16 and 17 next week. In the meantime, I really should choose my next number to tackle since I’ve extended this list for another year.


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