30 Before 30 Update on the Due Date


Today I am 30. I know it looks like a big number, but I don’t feel much different yet. This has been a busy year filled with a job promotion, wedding planning, side business updating and lots of photography. My year of 29 was filled with so much love and happiness and I can only hope that my year of 30 will be the same.

I did not finish the projects on my 30 before 30 list. However, since I got engaged three months into my year of 29, wedding planning sort of took over my life. Because of this I’m tagging “Plan Wedding” as number 31 and giving myself another year to finish. During the rest of the month I’ll take the items I did finish and talk about them a couple at a time. I’ll also talk about the goals that are left and what I most look forward to accomplishing.

Although they weren’t intended for any particular order, today I’ll talk about numbers 1 and 3 from my list.

1. One of the biggest thing to happen in the past year was Matt and I finally moving into a place of our own. It is small, but it is home and it was a move that helped me feel like more of an adult. It’s amazing to think that we have been in this apartment for almost a year. Most of the walls are still very empty. Maybe another goal for this year will be to hang more art.

3. For years I’ve been talking about putting red highlights in my dark brown hair. Over the past year I did and … it wasn’t an epic failure, but it didn’t go as well as hoped. The red sort of blended in and was not as visible as I would have liked. After the wedding I’m thinking about giving it another try with a brighter color red.


One thought on “30 Before 30 Update on the Due Date

  1. Happy 30th Birthday! I think giving yourself another year is a brilliant idea. Wedding planning takes so much time and energy, all great fun but lots of work. Welcome to the thirties – it’s pretty nice here 🙂

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