Meetup: April Goals

I must say that I’m glad April is here. March wasn’t as rainy as it usually is, so I’m expecting more rain for April. But I’m Okay with that. As long as the temperature continues to go above 45 degrees every day. 🙂 Oh, wait, goals? Right…. This was March:

Wedding: send Save the Dates, finish menu decisions, cupcake tastings, bridesmaid dresses, continue brainstorming centerpieces, register at two stores, order favor supplies, research hair ideas.

Home: Winter Dusting/Cleaning

365: Double up and catch up!

fallenpeach: promote more, try to find new ways to promote my work.

custompeach: list digital paintings and other work

health: read 2 more Nutrition book chapters. Do at least Yoga twice a week, try to relax more and not get so stressed out.

March was actually fairly productive in the Wedding department, which makes all the rest of my slacking okay. We did (Candy 🙂 ) have cupcake tastings which were super delicious. We’ve decided to go with a place called NORA Cupcake Company out of Middletown CT. The woman in charge already has some great unique ideas for Road Trip theme cupcakes like possibly a Coca Cola flavor. We also sent out our Save the Dates – see them above? Aren’t they awesome? We designed them ourselves, and Matt came up with the poem based on those old Burma Shave ads that used to be on Route 66. As you can see we did a bunch of other things as well including FINALLY coming up with a brilliant centerpiece idea (more details later).

I’m excited for April, but also feel overwhelmed with all that we have left to do. So, although I will be continuing to promote and do some fallenpeach stuff,  my goals are going to be wedding-centric for the next couple months.

APRIL Wedding Goals

Finalize Menu

Book hotel

Order favor making stuff

Scout hair salons, make test appointment.

Also – research hair and accessories – decide on something.

Start working on our ceremony

Get serious about music selection

Research bouquets and rings, make decision and find out when we have to order them by.

Plot honeymoon more specifically, make reservations for Disney sit down restaurants.

AND I think that is quite enough. How was your March?

OH AND I finally get to cross ” Get Promoted” off of my 30 before 30 list. Which makes me even busier, but happier.

The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


4 thoughts on “Meetup: April Goals

  1. Wow, Lindsey you really seem to be getting all of your wedding stuff done. You are so organized! Congrats to that, and here’s to maybe getting a little bit of relax time before the big day! Have a fabulous April!

  2. Ah the joys of planning a wedding! I love your save-the-date-card; very clever. I got married last summer, and can’t say I miss wedding planning. Glad you are planning a honeymoon, because you will need one! Best of luck!

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