Meetup: March 2012

It’s hard to believe it is March already. February went quickly, too quickly for me to really accomplish anything. Or maybe we were just lazy, I’m not sure. I also had a bit of sickness and at least one panic attack, which forced me to slow down a bit and try to relax. March is going to be a very full month because I am determined to get things done that got passed by in February. Plus more.

In February:

Wedding: physically make Save the Dates and Send them, work on ideas for centerpieces (this is still in progress), schedule cupcake tastings, start to plan honeymoon, research registries.

Home: Winter Cleaning and Dusting Time!

365/blog: Keep up better with photos, maybe make a list of things to take photos of for February. Keep publishing on Sunday, that works well.

fallenpeach: have a big bookmark sale, officially decide on designs that I will no longer be making, check in on the Spa selling my work.

custompeach: list more portrait offers.

health: read two more chapters in Idiots Guide/Nutrition. SERIOUSLY  START WII FIT 2 x A WEEK!! :)

30 before 30: choose two goals to accomplish and set deadlines.

AS YOU CAN SEE, February was only a bit productive.

March Goals

Wedding: send Save the Dates, finish menu decisions, cupcake tastings, bridesmaid dresses, continue brainstorming centerpieces, register at two stores, order favor supplies, research hair ideas.

Home: Winter Dusting/Cleaning

365: Double up and catch up!

fallenpeach: promote more, try to find new ways to promote my work.

custompeach: list digital paintings and other work

health: read 2 more Nutrition book chapters. Do at least Yoga twice a week, try to relax more and not get so stressed out.

I’m focusing on Wedding things for March, but hopefully I can get some of the other things done as well.

The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


6 thoughts on “Meetup: March 2012

  1. I see a few things marked off for Feb, I seem to have slow months followed by busy then back to slow -sounds like your body and mind really needed a break this past month. Have fun focusing on your wedding for March, its a lot of planning for such a special day. Enjoy it!

  2. I feel like we have almost the same goals, minus the wedding planning. But that sounds like a lot of fun especially picking out everything that you want. I hope March turns out way better than expected!

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