30 before 30: Rocky & the Godfather

One movie related item on my 30 before 30 list was to watch 5 movies that I feel I should have seen before now – including both Rocky and The Godfather. How I had managed to not see either of these movies is totally beyond me since they are on TV all the time.

First up: Rocky.

I can finally say I’ve seen Rocky (er, rather, all of them… how can you stop after just one Rocky?) and I really enjoyed most of them, though the first is definitely the best. A full and beautifully written script by Stallone combined with his unique acting style really brought Rocky to life with more dimensions than I expected. Rocky is not just a boxing movie. It’s a movie that happens to have boxing in it, and that is why I like it. Not that I don’t occasionally dig the sports movies but rather this one was so much more than that which makes it special.

The rest of the Rocky movies were okay, only one was really absolutely terrible, but until the last one they don’t really hit the same tone of the original.

Next: The Godfather.

So far I have only seen the first Godfather, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I kept recognizing actors that i previously had no idea were in this movie and quickly was pulled into the drama of it all. Great acting, interesting story and great characters.. watching Michael’s character arc throughout the movie was intriguing and well done. Several people have told me that the second is even better, so I’m looking forward to adding that to our Blockbuster que and continuing the Godfather adventure.

Over all I’m glad I’ve finally seen these movies and I think I liked Rocky more than Godfather, but enjoyed both. Movies still on the “should have seen by now” list are : Blade Runner, Alien and Annie Hall. Stay tuned!


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