Meetup: January Goals 2012

December was a rough month for me in a lot of ways, but I still managed to accomplish a handful of things and I feel like I’m starting January off on the right foot. Let’s take a look:

December Goals Were

Wedding: Secure photographer, research officiants and DJs. Also figure out colors and make Save the Date. We have chosen our photographer and we are fairly close to picking a DJ and Officiant, which makes me happy because that means our vendors are almost all set. Colors are pretty much set, we just need to find examples in the real world. 

Home: Find home for random ornament packaging until needed again etc. The home ended up being in a sort of visible but out of the way place, oh well. Next year… 🙂

365: Keep trying to catch up! I’ve decided that, since I like things to be even, I’m starting fresh as of January 1st. It makes me sad that I was unable to  complete my 365 but I feel good about starting fresh, and I did get a lot of great pictures out of the 250 some odd photos I did take.

Blog: Edit photos end of week, set posts for week to come see if this keeps me organized. This actually worked really well, the couple times I did it. I plan on trying to keep this up. 

Etsy: Keep listing new bookmarks. Make 5 more pendants to list, different from ones already up. Success! Lots of new items were listed in the shop last month, I hope you took a peek

Christmas: Are we even sending cards?! Finish gift buying, wrapping etc. To answer the question, no we did not send out cards this year. I think I might make a note for us to MAKE THEM IN AUGUST! so that we actually do send out cards next year…

CustomPeach: let’s make it a New Year Launch. Close – I’m officially launching custompeach on January 9, but things are in there now if you’d like to look!

January Goals Are

Wedding: Secure DJ and Officiant, make Save the Dates, try on pretty dresses, research for more inspiration.

Home: Pack up Christmas things and clean my desk/work storage areas.

365/blog: My new rules are that I must take 7 photos a week, they do not have to be taken one a day. Also, begin editing and listing on Sundays so that the blog gets a fresh photo each day 🙂

fallenpeach: Make 5 more pendants to list; sort photos and decide on 5 new bookmark images.

custompeach: List more custom options (portraits, superheros etc) and celebrate launch somehow.

Health: Read two chapters from Idiot’s Guide/Nutrition; Wii fit 2x a week; research other work out Wii games.

30 before 30: Mark off those things that I did but forgot to mark off, choose two items to accomplish for January.

The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


One thought on “Meetup: January Goals 2012

  1. We didn’t send out our Christmas cards either : ) and I’m thinking maybe we could make another holiday the time to do that, just so all the “musts” are broken up a little bit over the course of the year. Maybe Arbor Day will be that holiday !?!

    Hope your January is going beautifully well, and that you are able to get to all the things that are of importance and meaning to you! Yay for 2012!

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