OM: Seeing Awesome People and Getting Signitures

I am not a celebrity hunter, but there are a handful of people that I would love to hear speak about topics I love and I will take the opportunity to get their autograph if the opportunity arises. In the past week or so I have had two amazing experiences that fall under this category.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a screening of my favorite film, Labyrinth, at the Museum of the Moving Image. In attendance to speak about the  film were Brian Henson and all three Frouds (Brian, Wendy and Toby). The Frouds had been at their gallery showing in Soho earlier and it was a pleasure to meet them and see their work in person. Toby, in particular, was excitedly showing off  his work recreating goblins from Labyrinth (and his father’s drawings) in incredible detail.

Brian Henson both introduced the film and discussed it afterwards, and I feel so lucky to have seen him and heard him speak. He brought his father, Jim Henson, into the discussion often and I was awesome to hear stories about how the made my favorite film and some of the inspiration behind it.

Still on a bit of a high from that experience, I discovered that the author of one of my favorite books would be doing a talk and signing at my own bookstore this week. Jane Yolen is the author of many fantasy books for teens, kids and adults. My favorite of her works is Briar Rose, a story that twines Sleeping Beauty with the horror of the Holocaust. The crowd was small and I was able to get a bit of writing advice from her (cultivate friends) as well as get my book signed. Listening to her talk about writing was inspiring, particularly since I’ve been thinking about starting up again. It is part of my 30 before 30 to get writing again, and I think after this I’m almost ready to work those writing muscles.

I suppose this is actually two moments, but I did miss last week 🙂




One thought on “OM: Seeing Awesome People and Getting Signitures

  1. Oh, that is awesome! I actually got some chills. I’d love to have been at both of those.

    The last book signing I attended was for the 3rd Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My then 9 yo was beyond thrilled. It was nice to see his excitement. We also got to meet one of the local actors in the movie that was just coming out at that time. Not quite on the same level as your authors or books, but exciting non the less.

    Thanks for sharing!

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