December Goals, 2011

November went by so incredibly quickly, but I did manage to get some things done. Let’s take a look back:

November Goals Were

Wedding: Secure caterer and research/secure photographer. Caterer has been secured, we go for a second tasting soon. Photographers have been contacted, waiting on responses.

Home: Put away boxes of books and random bits. Invest in new trash can for kitchen. Most of the boxes are away, still no new trash can yet.

365: Catch up!!! Fail. Epic Fail. Working on it.

Blog: Update at least 2 x a week, 3 if possible. I started out good on this, but it just fell apart.

Etsy: Edit all new bookmark photos and list two a week. Make one pendant to list. Well, I did list several new bookmarks and all the current pendants that are made – so I’m going to call this one done!

Christmas: Get cards printed, addresses ready and presents bought. Um, no. We did get a Christmas tree though! (see above)

CustomPeach: Attempt to open shop with three or more listings. Nope, got too busy.


December Goals Are

Wedding: Secure photographer, research officiants and DJs. Also figure out colors and make Save the Date.

Home: Find home for random ornament packaging until needed again etc.

365: Keep trying to catch up!

Blog: Edit photos end of week, set posts for week to come see if this keeps me organized.

Etsy: Keep listing new bookmarks. Make 5 more pendants to list, different from ones already up.

Christmas: Are we even sending cards?! Finish gift buying, wrapping etc.

CustomPeach: let’s make it a New Year Launch.

The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


2 thoughts on “December Goals, 2011

  1. See I think it’s awesome that you got a christmas tree and it’s up, AND really, are we even sending cards? So first, I hope your wedding planning goes really really well, and all your shop updates are hugely successful and that you have a wonderful holiday time, and that I think covers the most important items. Oh, and I hope you get that new trash can soon too. Happy December Lindsey!

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