November Goals 2011: Meetup

How do you like our shower curtain? 🙂 It makes me smile.

October was another crazy month and despite working harder than ever I still feel behind on my goals and projects. A lot of this is due to moving and a recent power outage (who could have expected snow in October?); but, I did accomplish some goals and more is starting to fall into place slowly.

Accomplished in October:

Moving: We are moved in. The rest is just details 🙂

Wedding: We have a location and a date, working with caterers now.

365: I have not completely caught up, but I have posted a bunch of new photos and I have more on my camera to edit this weekend.

Everything else either didn’t get done or didn’t get done enough to talk about.

November Goals

Wedding: Secure caterer and research/secure photographer.

Home: Put away boxes of books and random bits. Invest in new trash can for kitchen.

365: Catch up!!!

Blog: Update at least 2 x a week, 3 if possible.

Etsy: Edit all new bookmark photos and list two a week. Make one pendant to list.

Christmas: Get cards printed, addresses ready and presents bought.

CustomPeach: Attempt to open shop with three or more listings.

Aaand I think that is good for now. Due to absolute insanity, we have decided to wait another year on offering Christmas cards in the shop. And we’ve decided to skip holiday fairs this year as well, it just is not possible with our current schedule. Hopefully next year you’ll see some amazing Holiday artwork.

For the purpose of these goals, I’m pretending November starts this Saturday. Have a great Month everyone!

The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


3 thoughts on “November Goals 2011: Meetup

  1. Love the shower curtain! We can only do what we have time to do… it’s such a weird balance I think, because we have all these goals and yet, some months there’s not time to do everything. So, hmm should I kill myself and sap all my reserves to get this thing done, or should I stop when I know I need to stop. I admire your call to say no to the holiday cards when your schedule is already crazy… Have a great month Lindsey!

  2. Hi Lindsey, I didn’t realize you moved recently too! It sure can be throw things out of whack. I packed slowly for a few months so, I didn’t feel it that way but unpacking everything in two weeks definitely took it’s toll on my schedule! Are you in CT? I have good friends in Ct and they lost their power for 6 days?! that along with snow in Oct is just crazy. I hope things are settling down for you. I am with you on opting out of holiday fairs this year. I think I’ll set my sights on spring fairs instead 😉 Wishing you a great November and Happy wedding planning. Congrats! xoxo Kristen

    • We’re still moving things in from parents houses, so at least we can go slowly on that part. But it’s slow going lately. We lost power for about 4 days which threw us off even more; some people I know still don’t have it back 12 days later, so I’m thankful. 🙂

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