Happy Fall! aka October Meetup Goals

Oh September, you sure ended with a bang didn’t you? My world has been flip flopped and changed around in just a few short days and, while I’m excited for these changes, it makes life a heck of a lot busier.

In September I successfully completed a logo and banner for our new shop, hopefully still opening this month. I made a sample pendant that seems to work beautifully. I photographed our new bookmarks and even listed a few of them. I also got engaged, started researching locations for the wedding, saw Blues Traveler, went to the Durham Fair (twice) and secured an apartment for us to move in to. But a lot of other things didn’t happen, and my 365 has fallen completely apart,  among other things.

So, for October I propose a broad scape of things I would like to / need to get done and a hope that I can fit in more from time to time.

October Goals

Move, piece by piece, into our new place

Edit photos and try to make up for lost time on 365

List more fabulous bookmarks

Open custompeach shop with at least three listings, add more when possible

Secure location and date/time for wedding (!!)

Move forward with more wedding planning

Make at least two pendants to list in shop

Continue blogging photos and work on crafty stuff

How was your September?

ps. double photo from last post simply because Photoshop has decided not to work. Hopefully be back to normal soon.


The Meetup is led by Liz over at Athena Dreams, for more information click here.


2 thoughts on “Happy Fall! aka October Meetup Goals

  1. Wow September sounds like it was great! Whens the date for you wedding? and congratulations! I hope that everything in October is a perfect balance of wedding plans, moving, catching up and getting things going in your shops. Happy October Lindsey!

    • Thanks!! We want it to be next Fall, but we are still looking at locations so we don’t have a specific date yet 🙂 Balance is very key for October. Things are starting to fall into place though !

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