September Goals, Updated.

A quick note before the real post begins. Halloween items are now back in the shop and I’ve re-listed a lot of greeting cards. Click the photo above to take a look at what’s back in!

Work and life became very busy for me apparently, and I’m incredibly far behind on my goals. I wish I could remember what had me so distracted last week and this. My new bookmarks are printed, laminated and ready for photographing, but other than that…. my list is still very much not crossed off. And so it’s time for a reboot.

Week 2 Reboot: Make sample necklace and test new seal for backs. Photograph 5 bookmarks. Edit photos. List at least one bookmark. Begin price changes in Etsy shop (some bookmarks are moving permanently down to $2.25, others are moving up to $3.50).

Week 3 Reboot: Begin making pendants for shop. List more bookmarks. Make logo for custompeach shop, get shop ready for Grand Opening (October 3).

Week 4 Reboot: Photograph pendants, get ready for October launch. Continue listing new bookmarks.

And there we go. Hopefully I can get myself more motivated and get back on track with my 365 as well.

How are your goals going?


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