Nowhere Nerds: Cape Ann, Massachusetts

One of my favorite childhood vacation spots has always been Cape Ann in Massachusetts. I finally had the opportunity to bring Matt there this week and we had a great mini-vacation, despite most of our trip being filled with rain.

Sunday we left Connecticut in the rain and arrived at the Cape Ann Campsite with the rain slowly coming to a pause. After setting up camp and making sure everything was secure we took off for an afternoon in Rockport. It stayed gloomy out, but wasn’t raining, which was nice. We had a late lunch, browsed the cute shops and stopped for cupcakes to bring “home” before catching the trolley back to our car.

The rain began that night. We heard it pounding down on our tent all night and woke to a steady flow of rain in the morning. Thankfully, our tent held up wonderfully and only produced one small puddle and a tiny drip spot. Needless to say, any outdoor or beach plans were squashed on day two as the rain did not seem to be stopping. We found two local malls and headed out.

At the first mall we found Chik-Fil-A for lunch (I love finding Chik-Fil-A’s when we are out of state, so delicious!) and wandered the shops. Heading to the second mall sometime later, we wandered and then saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes – which was super awesome. Half an hour after it ended we were still talking about the movie, which is a really great sign. Wandering more we decided that perhaps a second movie was in the cards as the rain was just coming down harder and we still had a third of a day to fill.

We decided to see Midnight in Paris at a small local theater in downtown Gloucester. What we didn’t realize until we got there was that the theater was actually a room above a record store, a room filled with couches and comfy chairs with retro ads showing before the movie. It was a great place to see a movie, and that movie in particular. I absolutely loved Midnight in Paris, it really is one of Woody Allen’s best.

Dinner was a restaurant affair and then back to the campsite to find our tent not leaking too much and another night of rain.

Day three was my backup beach day, but when we woke to drizzles and cloudy skies I wondered if we would ever get there. The rain stopped and we made a delicious lunch and headed to the beach despite the cold. Wingaersheek Beach is my favorite beach. There are tons of huge rocks that I would spend all day climbing on as a kid. As an adult, things were not much different. Matt and I wandered the rocks and took photos and even dipped our toes in the water. The temperature wasn’t much more than 68 outside, so we stayed bundled up, but it was a still a nice couple hours at the beach.

The rain started again once we got to Gloucester, but we wandered the shops anyway. When we got back to the campground, the sun finally appeared. We couldn’t believe it, what was this bright shiny thing? And those blue pieces in the sky? We enjoyed the sun and cooked hot dogs over the fire for dinner, followed by s’mores (of course) and went to bed excited for a day of sun.

Wednesday was an absolutely perfect day. Warm, not a cloud in the sky and perfect for a day at Water Country in Portsmouth New Hampshire, my favorite water park (and number 12 on my 30 before 30 list). We went on almost every ride, including the new Dragon’s Den which was aaawesome. Though there was the typical waiting in line for each ride, we still had a great day and I even got a little sun. We finished our vacation with dinner at the Red Hook brewery and a drive home with no rain.

All in all, a wonderful vacation.


4 thoughts on “Nowhere Nerds: Cape Ann, Massachusetts

  1. Glad you had such a good time in my neck of the woods! Tho oddly, I don’t think I’ve even been to Cape Ann? You’re making me want to remedy the situation asap!
    Also, loving your photos– the feather, that lobster claw especially. Hmm a trip to your etsy store is in my future…

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