August, Week 1: How it Went

In my August Goals post, I talked about working with a new format for my monthly goals. Each week I have a set of things I want to focus on, so let’s see how week 1 of August went.

I actually accomplished almost everything on my list. I listed two new graphic design packages on Etsy, I also changed the main photo at (see above) and I did more research on printers. I did not get any photos up on Google+ yet, but I should still have time to fit that in before August ends.

Accomplishing these goals felt good, but also raised more questions for me. Offering our Graphic Design services is something that I very much want to do, but I’m wondering if I should open a separate store for those services. They just don’t fit in with the photo and illustration based products that are in our shop, visually, although they are “useful” and so fit in with our general theme. This is something that I will think about and possibly work on in September, once I come to a conclusion about what would be best.

Printer research has been giving me a headache, but I think I’ve finally made a few decisions and may actually go buy a new printer before the week is out. I’m unable to do my Week 2 project until I do, so the sooner the better. I was debating between another ink jet and a color laser printer and I think I’ve decided to give ink jet one more shot. This time, I’m looking at an Epson Artisan and I will be using Epson paper with it; hopefully, there will be beautiful results and new fabulous products to follow.

I have a few other questions in my head that my Week 4 projects will probably help with or influence decisions on, but those are for the end of the month. Right now I have enough to think about.



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