Meetup: August Goals, 2011

Welcome August! As some of you may know, I didn’t have very specific goals for July. I wanted to take each week and focus on a different project. To be honest, this attempt pretty much failed after the first week. My goals were not specific enough.

This is not to say that July was bad. July was full of birthday celebrations, reading, relaxing and mini adventures. I also launched my 30 before 30 goals list and started tackling it.

For August I would like to try to refine my new format from July.

Week One:

I will tackle things that I left behind in July. Specifically, I will list two more Graphic Design services in my Etsy shop, upload some product photos to Google+, and change the main image at

I will also continue to research printers: I’m currently debating between an Epson Artisan and an HP Color LaserJet – any opinions?

Week Two:

I will work on pendants. I promise myself I will work on pendants. I will make samples, buy supplies and start figuring out what my first set will really look like.

Week Three:

I have some fun plans this week, so I will focus more on myself and my friends and family this week. I will also try to cross some things off of my 30 before 30 list this week 🙂

Week Four:

I will focus on social networking. I will find more interesting people to follow on twitter, google+ and find more cool blogs to read (make suggestions!). I will also work on my own blog a little. I have a few stylistic changes I would like to make to the sidebar, so this week will be for that as well.

Week Five:

There is a half a week at the end of August that I will use to finish up any projects that didn’t get fully completed in the previous four weeks.


And there is August. I  can’t believe Summer is almost done. I must admit I’m looking forward to Fall, but not Winter.. I’m still getting over last Winter…


9 thoughts on “Meetup: August Goals, 2011

  1. Oh I have to go edit, YES, sun, not heat. Love that you got clear on how much (or little) structure you need for the goals. Experimenting is the best… Hope August is Awesome and i want to see those pendants!

  2. Hey Lindsey – sounds like July was FUN and isn’t that what summer is all about? I love your idea of choosing a week to focus on a particular aspect of the business, I think that’s genius! I have often have so many balls up in the air that I spend a lot of time flitting from task to task…I wonder if working your way may be more productive for me!

  3. Have a wonderfully productive August, Lindsey. I like how you have broken it down week by week. It seems like a good way to look at things. Hope you make some beautiful pendants too.

  4. I love the idea of 30 before 30 – something that would have appealed to me all those years ago. don’t know if I could do that now though. have a good productive month.

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