30 Before 30: #14 Drive-In Movie

On Friday I officially crossed number 14 off of my 30 Before 30 List.

I love Drive-In Movie Theaters. I love most things that have a ’50’s Nostalgia to them. I used to go to drive-ins with my parents when we were on vacation. But lately, it’s been hard to find them. On our latest cross-country adventure, Matt and I went to one in California and the inspiration to find a drive-in back on the East Coast was reborn. Friday night we visited the Mansfield Drive-In and we had a great time. If you are in Connecticut, we recommend you check it out.

Movie we saw: While usually you stay for a double feature, we were only able to stay for Captain America – which was really good. We plan on visiting again and staying for the full double feature at some point before the Summer is through. Captain America was a fun superhero movie with a great cast.

Have you been to a Drive-In?


One thought on “30 Before 30: #14 Drive-In Movie

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