30 Before 30 : The Complete List



1. find an Apartment, Move

2. find a plot for my novel and start writing again

3. put red highlights in my hair

4. print personal photos from 2010, 2011

5. focus on Date Nights

6. be promoted

7. get 500 Twitter followers

8. design and Send Holiday cards

9. do something artistic with our roadtrip postcards

10. lose 10 lbs, maintain

11. visit Acadia National Park

12. go to Water Country

13. create a “Collection” with my art

14. see movies at a Drive-In Movie Theater

15. complete 365, Make more specific plans for 365 v. 2

16. have a Giant Tag Sale

17. try 3 New Foods

18. watch 5 Films I feel I should have seen by now (ex. Godfather)

19. go sledding

20. read 3 books from Matt’s bookshelf that I have not read before

21. write a letter on paper and mail to a friend.

22. go to the top of the Empire State Building

23. watch all of George Clooney’s movies

24. bowl a 150

25. make some cool Geeky shrinky dinks

26. do a video blog post (or two)

27. make a mix cd that represents my year of being 29

28. pose for a portrait to be drawn or painted by Matt

29. invest in a better printer

30. organize a monthly or bi monthly game night with friends


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