Into the Woods Again, or July Goals

We went into the woods last night for a short hike. It’s been a while and I’m not exactly in shape. The mosquitos were out in full force and so our trip was cut short, but it gave me the bug again for being outside and hiking and enjoying nature. I’ve been cooped up a lot lately between being sick and being busy and watching the gallons of rain that have been falling from the sky. It is a new month, and based on last month I’m taking a break.

In June I accomplished very little. I sorted newer photos, loaded portfolio pieces onto my HTC Flyer, and read more. (Specifically, I read Simon Pegg’s autobiography Nerd Do Well, re-read The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood and have almost finished reading The Abyss by Orson Scott Card). I also suffered a couple disappointments and stressed out a lot, got a new haircut that I don’t love, went apartment hunting and worked a lot at the day job.

July is for reconnecting. Reconnecting with nature, with myself, with my goals and with my craft. I have not been feeling very crafty lately. Part of that is probably the day job, but I enjoy my day job. Finding the balance is what I need right now. I love keeping up with my photo a day project, but right now that is all the crafty I have had energy for. I look forward to new projects, new designs and new ideas but lately I just haven’t been feeling it.

So. There are no July goals for me. I want to instead take each week to focus on something important to me. Or two somethings, I’m not sure yet. Or just take the month and spread out projects that have fallen behind and adventures that have been talked about but not yet planned. I will keep you posted, hopefully more frequently than I have been lately, on the progress of these adventures and projects.



4 thoughts on “Into the Woods Again, or July Goals

  1. I too think focuses on something important each week is an excellent idea to recharge and reconnect. We all need that from time to time. Keeping everything in balance all the balance is a mammoth task. Love the picture focusing on the leaves in the forest – great comparison!

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