Books: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

After months of being completely absorbed in The Dark Tower, I have finally read the last word on the last page in the last book. And I loved it.

A little background. I love Stephen King’s work, starting in high school I would pick up his books at the used bookstore and read quickly through them. I tend to like his non-horror books better than the horror… but that’s because of me not liking horror much. I love Christine, Firestarter, Hearts in Atlantis … well those are my top three I think right now. Oh and Misery .. and and and…. Anyway, I had tried The Gunslinger in college, but really didn’t like it and so didn’t move past book 1.

Fast forward. Last year Matt (who has never read a Stephen King book) picks up Gunslinger and starts it. Loves it. Moves slowly through the rest of the series and starts wanting to talk about it with me. So I give it another shot. I still hated the first book, but the second drew me in immediately (pun intended) and I quickly became just as obsessed.

Dark Tower is ultimately about a journey and about characters and adventures. And all three are wonderful. It has made me laugh, made me cry make me shriek with excitement and made me a little confused at times. It is epic. Beyond Epic. The last book alone is incredibly Epic, so you can imagine all 7 together. It is a post-apocalypic, time travel adventure of epicness.

If you like fantasy even if you don’t care for Stephen King, you should give the Dark Tower a shot. And if you don’t like the first book just ignore it and move on through the second, because although the first is important all the major information is mentioned over again. It’s difficult to explain what it is about, but essentially it is about Roland’s journey to the Dark Tower – a destination that really continues to be mysterious throughout the novels. It is about the people that he finds along the way, about his history and about the workings of a ka-tet – a sort of spiritually bound group. Several King characters from other novels make appearances which is interesting and intriguing. In the end, it sort of makes you look back at his other books and see that they are all influenced by the Tower.

Have you read The Dark Tower series? What did you think of it?


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