Tools of the Trade: HTC Flyer

Earlier in the week I finally got my hands on the HTC Flyer tablet, something I’ve been excited about for at least a month. I never thought I would be a tablet person, but then I found out about the Flyer, with it’s ability to let you write on it with a digital pen. So far I’m a little nervous about bringing it places because there are no cases available yet, but it’s fantastic nonetheless.

I bought it essentially to help me coordinate my freelance and side business (aka fallenpeach) with the rest of my life which includes a retail job and bouncing around from place to place. Having a wifi available device on the go, I feel, will be incredibly helpful. I plan on loading some of my photography on it to have available to show off and I can’t wait to discover other fun uses for it.

The Good: the pen works beautifully and I’m sure if I had more artistic talent in the drawing realm I could do even more wonderful things with it. For now, it allows me to write out my daily to do lists without wasting a ton of paper.  The calendar is also wonderful and handy to have with me on the go. I can’t wait to download more applications to help me be even more organized, and have some fun. Eagerly awaiting an Android EpicWin app.

The Not So Good: The Flyer is a bit heavy; but, most of the time when I’m using it it’s on a table or I’m able to rest it against something. For quick calendar checks or similar on the go, I’m sure it won’t be a huge burden. I think it will also be less awkward when I can get a case for it that opens and I don’t feel as nervous about handling it because it’s brand new.

So far so good, more comments as I get more used to the Flyer and everything it can do.

Are you a tablet person? What kind do you have and why do you love it?


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