Nowhere Nerds: Steampunk World’s Fair 2011

Matt and I had a wonderful weekend at the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey. We camped to save money and woke up to the beautiful scene you see above (photo taken by Matt, I was still sleepy) on Saturday. Sunday was a little less pretty, and a little more wet but all in all it was a great weekend.

We arrived at Cheesequake State Park after dark on Friday night and set up camp relatively easily by the light of the mini’s headlights. The next morning we were up earlier than planned and ready for the day. The Steampunk World’s Fair was at a Crowne Plaza hotel, taking up the entire first floor and some of the 10th. It was the first con that I’d been to that took place in a hotel, the last was Faerie Con (the first year) where it was in one large room. It was interesting to see something this busy in a much smaller space. It constantly seemed crowded, exciting and entertaining. And occasionally annoying when smaller hallways got crammed, but that’s to be expected.

People watching was amazing and inspiring, I loved seeing what everyone else had come up with and thinking up new ideas to add to my own outfit. Matt and I were pretty tame compared to others, but still think we look really good (see left). Unfortunately, my Faerie Aether Sprayer broke halfway through day one and despite a quick fix it broke further. I’m going to have to figure out a new way to attach the pieces other than Gorilla Glue.

We attended a few really interesting panels – on Steampunk throughout the World, Social Networking, Steampunk at the Home Depot (or making props out of readily available items), and Dieselpunk. We also saw some awesome musical performances including a band playing the Star Wars Cantina song outside the hotel while people danced.

Jake von Slatt was present with Bus and Roadster, both of which were pretty impressive. Seeing one of his computers up close was equally cool.Β  I wish I knew the name of the violin driven band that I watched under the tent in the Courtyard, but I’m not sure what time that was around so I can’t really check the schedule. I’ll research and get back to you, because they were I think my favorite.

Hearing about Dieselpunk, I became conflicted. I love that time period (1910-1940) and am debating both adding to my Steampunk outfit and creating a Dieselpunk one. I don’t care what people say, I thought Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was a pretty cool film. πŸ™‚

We finished the con watching Platform One and then the closing ceremonies – which featured a large ornate sign that read “It’s Over”. And it was. I left with a happy feeling of belonging and fun. I love being a part of something so inspiring, creative and full of incredibly cool people.

We are already really interested in Steampunk and the community, but I think interacting with people and seeing even more of it in person has enhanced the experience and made me want to research and join in more on the internet.

In conclusion, we had fun. And I’m already looking for the next Steampunk Event that we can attend. Please visit our Flickr page for a few more photos.


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