Logo Up!… aka Hire Us Hits Etsy

Yesterday, in the sneaky part of my morning I listed our Logo Design services on Etsy. I plan on having all of the options from our “Hire Us” page eventually in the shop, but for now it is just a simple Logo Design option.

Logos are my most favorite thing to create. Something about the complexity of branding combined with simple imagery just draws me in. I love working on ideas in a spontaneous manner to start off and then get more detailed as the idea starts to become more clear. My most recent client is Melanie at  Sakura Sweets Co.. I designed both the logo and banner for her shop.

I intended to blog about this yesterday as well, but a series of car and computer issues have been plaguing me for a  couple days now. Thankfully, they are all resolved and I can get back to work!


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