Steampunk Faerie Catcher, Part 1: Supplies

I am finally ready to start talking about my Steampunk project! In preparation for the World’s Fair next weekend, I’m preparing a slew of accessories to go with my Steampunk Faerie Catcher costume. The costume itself I already sort of had and will photograph once everything is together to show you.

Above you can see my supplies. I found the perfect box at a craft store and stained it a nice dark brown, the other piece of wood is going to be shelves for inside the box once it’s dry. You can also see packets of glitter, tiny glass bottles (for faerie catching supplies that will go in the box) and my work in progress Faerie Sprayer.

The sprayer is being made out of a bicycle pump, a fancy hose extension and the small metal glue container that you can kind of see next to the stain can. I’m also going to add a snap strap so that I can attach it to a belt or bag or some other contraption and make it easy to carry.

So far, this is all I got. I have a lot of work to do and will be posting as pieces get finished or start to look really nifty. Since the Fair is next weekend, there should be at least a few more posts this week! Stay tuned.


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