May Goals: M is for Moving Forward

April was a busy month of catch-up and get back on track. I think I succeeded. Things I accomplished:

finished Sakura Sweets Co. logo

– added Logo samples to this here blog at the Hire Us page

– decided on 10 images to use as my first pendants – what do you think of my choices?

– Updated Quickbooks for 2011 and have been keeping up with it

Additionally, I made more time for reading and kept up with my 365. AND we went on several hikes.

Last night Matt and I had our first fire of the season to celebrate May. I’ve had my goals ready for a week and I’m feeling really good about this month. After reading The Happiness Project (read comments and review here) I decided to change my goal set-up slightly.


Make time for Reading Every Day


Sleep by 10:30, up by 6:30;

Wii fit 3 x a week, plus hikes!


Add Birthdays to calendar for rest of year;

talk less, listen more;


List graphic design in shop;

order pendant supplies;

print new bookmarks;

find craft fairs;

join creative groups or teams.


Use less, Recycle more.


choose campgrounds and weekends for adventures;

continue work on Steampunk outfits and accessories;

Edit and Print photos from 2010.

As you can see some of these goals are not really “cross off your list” goals, but more things that I will keep up with each month. I’m adding small resolutions in with my goals to improve my quality of living and I feel good about my first few, though I fear the waking early one may take a little while to really work out.

Interesting in our monthly Meetup? Visit Liz’s Blog Athena Dreams for more information!


3 thoughts on “May Goals: M is for Moving Forward

  1. great list Lindsey, I love how you have broken things down by different categories, totally open things up. Your pendant images are going to be totally beautiful! Have a great May Lindsey!

  2. Lindsey: I love how you have listed mind, body, soul etc. as part of your goals…Especially love the FUN category….we do not allow that to come into our lives enough….Have a great month and enjoy every moment of it….

  3. I just read the Happiness project too! I really love the new goal setup and may swipe this idea for my own goals next month 😉 Having well rounded goals is so nice! I really love making art pendants and your photos will translate really well to beautiful pendants. It’s nice to hear you hiked a lot in April, I need to remind myself to get out more before it gets to dang hot here. Happy May!

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