Distractions and Inspirations

Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Distractions and Inspirations. Admittedly, my photo for yesterday (shown) is not the best in the series. But I thought it was cool enough. It shows our work in progress by the light of the blue tv glow. By work in progress I mean the box that we are staining for a Steampunk project. I know I keep teasing about this, but after the sickness it’s taking me a while to get back fully on track. More info soon, promise!

Anyway, on to our Distractions for the day:

– A Film website received a mysterious package related to the upcoming Super 8 movie (which looks awesome)

– If you have not yet experienced the wonderfulness that is Simon’s Cat, please do go and enjoy! Animations are awesome.

The Leaky Cauldron is my favorite place for Harry Potter news. BTW Deathly Hallows part 1 comes out on DVD FRIDAY!

– Daniel B. Merriam is one of my top three favorite artists, see his work here.

and Finally, this Matchbox Twenty video always makes me Smile. (sorry it won’t let me embed it.)

Have a great Thursday!



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