Meetup: April Goals

March did not go as planned. Which is sort of an understatement. It started out well enough, but then spiraled seriously out of control with sadness that I had no control over and concluded with me being ill with the stomach virus going around, which I am still recovering from. Nevertheless, I am confident that once my mind realizes it actually is April, that April will be much better.

Let’s see how I did.

– Work on adding custom and graphic design samples to this blog – FAIL.

– continue sorting photos and make 5 new bookmarks – I did continue sorting photos and have five bookmarks ready to print, I just haven’t printed them yet.

– work with three friend clients on their logos one logo is completed, another is pretty much done. I need to work on the banner(s) for the second one before the reveal. The third friend hasn’t been back in touch with me on it, so let’s call this one accomplished.

– list graphic design services in shop once and for all – once the second logo is done done this will be the immediate next step.

– get back on track with exercise (if weather gets nice enough: go for hikes) weather not nice enough for hikes yet, but did maintain Wii exercise until I got sick.

– fix up so that it resembles this blog and links back here, or simplify it and link here. – FAIL.

– Taxes.

– start thinking about craft fairs and how many I’d like to do this Summer. – Nope.

– Try to figure out something new I can make with my photography and / or figure out shipping and add Prints into our shop. after a debate and blog about this, I think I’ve decided to attempt pendants. Not sure if these will be necklaces or just pendants, so stay tuned for my first test batch.  Prints will have to wait until I have storage for them.

All in all, I didn’t too terribly, considering. And I have been keeping up with my 365 over at flickr. I had to fudge a few days lately due to serious sickness, but I’m almost caught up and feeling pretty good about most of the photos. Matt made a boomerang which almost comes all the way back to him (photos soon) and we are starting work on our Steampunk project this week.

For April, I would first of all like to be free of all sickness. Then I think I’ll carry over my unfinished goals from March. I hope everyone else had a good March.


If you would like to join up in The Meetup, visit Liz’s blog Athena Dreams for more information.


4 thoughts on “Meetup: April Goals

  1. Like your first goal Lindsey, it totally sucks when you’re not feeling totally well after being sick. And good luck with all the unfinished goals from March, I think you actually got more done than you think! I wanna see the boomerang!

  2. keep on going Lindsey…sickness is not good but getting yourself back from it is most important…Hope April finds you well enough to enjoy the spring weather and can’t wait to see the boomerang….

  3. Aw I hope you feel better real soon! You accomplished a good amount last month so don’t beat yourself up too much. And wow a boomerang! That is sooo cool I can’t wait to see pictures of it. I tried starting a 365 but failed miserably.. Maybe I can start it up again but we’ll see. Good luck on your goals this moth & take care `=]

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