Behind the Scenes: Pendants Coming Soon

Last year I introduced Magnets into my shop and craft fair set up. Though I’ve sold most of the ones I made, they did not do particularly well and I decided not to make more. They are fun, but a lot of people don’t have magnet friendly fridge’s anymore.

I have a few left over glass tiles, however, and so I’m going to do an experiment. In April I will be making pendants from said glass tiles and offering them for sale in the shop. I do not know yet if I will be making them full necklaces with chains. The few glass tiles I have left will be the experimental bunch and if they do well, then I will buy more supplies and continue to offer them.

So if you have seen a photo in my shop that you just would love to see as a pendant, please let me know which one. I’m looking for ideas of what types of designs you would like to see available.

The magnets featured on this post are no longer available, but are a sample of what the pendants will look like.


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