Cinema Nerds: Ninja Assassin

Matt and I love movies. I’m starting an excel spreadsheet to figure out just what we have and how many we have. So far I’m up over 200 and those are just mine. I’m pretty sure Matt has more than me. Anyway, when brainstorming about new features for the blog, doing a movie post once a week just seemed natural. I don’t really want to review movies, per se, but rather bring them up and start a discussion. So comment, let me know which movies you’ve seen, if you liked them. Suggest movies we should add to our “Must Watch” List. .. etc etc.

We watch a movie almost every night and usually see at least one new movie a week. This week, so far, we have  seen two new ones. We rented Ninja Assassin and Megamind earlier in the week and both were pretty good, although a bit strange to watch back to back.

Ninja Assassin is everything it should be: bloody, fun and action packed. There are some really nifty fight scenes and some deadly weapons that I’ve never really seen used before in a film. The plot is basic but interesting, however telling too much might ruin part of the fun.

Megamind is also everything it should be: funny, well animated and quirky. I loved that David Cross was the voice of Minion and really thought the voice actors like Will Ferrell and Tina Fey did a great job in changing their voices just enough so that I wasn’t thinking about them while watching the movie. I loved the story and there were some great songs featured throughout the film too.

Have you seen either of these? What did you think?

This weekend we really want to go see Suckerpunch and maybe Paul. Stay tuned.


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