Products Old and New


One of my goals for this month is to research and decide on at least one other product I can make with my photography. I would love to offer you all the prints sitting at my parents house, but right now I just do not have the storage for them where I am. Hopefully that will change by Summer. So, I’ve started searching Etsy and other places for other ideas.

Right now I offer my photographs as Bookmarks and Greeting Cards. I also tried Magnets for a while, and I think a set may still be available in the shop, but they did not sell very well so I’m going to leave those behind for the time being.

New Ideas I have thought about this past week: Paper Weights, Coasters, Pendants. And after that I’m completely stuck. I guess pendants are the most logical, everyone loves jewelry. But I am not a jewelry maker and I wonder if Pendants are enough, or if I should include them on a chain of some kind.

And so I ask : What would you like to see my photography being used for? Are pendants enough or would I need to make full necklaces?

Any comments, questions or suggestions would be helpful, thanks!


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