Meetup: March in like a Lamb?

Yesterday, the last day in February was more like Lion weather than today, the first day of March. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, today feels good. It’s probably cold out. But at least it isn’t raining or snowing .. yet. Actually, it seems like the Groundhog was right and we might just have an early Spring. Too much to hope for? Tough, I’m full of hope right now.

February was not a bad month. It wasn’t a perfect month but I did manage to accomplish most things on my list. Namely, I launched fallenpeach the blog on WordPress. I also continued my Photo 52 Project to great success and continued listing Sale items. I think I have one or two new products left to list and then I have to decide what my next move is. I did not get a Newsletter out, and I’m wondering if maybe they should be Seasonal instead of monthly. I also finished pricing for our custom and graphic design work, see our Hire Us! page for more details.

On a more personal front, I did not do great with exercise due to things beyond my control and the car repairs for a problem that arose a couple months ago are costing me more than I would like.

March is for moving forward. I would like to really feel, at the end of the month, that I’ve arrived somewhere new and interesting. That fresh new adventures are on the horizon and that all is going according to plan.


– Work on adding custom and graphic design samples to this blog

– continue sorting photos and make 5 new bookmarks

– work with three friend clients on their logos

– list graphic design services in shop once and for all

– get back on track with exercise (if weather gets nice enough: go for hikes)

– fix up so that it resembles this blog and links back here, or simplify it and link here.

– Taxes.

– start thinking about craft fairs and how many I’d like to do this Summer.

– Try to figure out something new I can make with my photography and / or figure out shipping and add Prints into our shop.

aaaand that’s it. I think I’ll grow this list gradually in difficulty and length. šŸ™‚ Please if you followed my blog before, subscribe to this one here at WordPress, I’m still posting at least three times a week and love comments and communications with you guys!

How was your February? What are you looking forward to in March?

If you would like to join in on The Meetup, click on over and visit Liz’s blog at Athena Dreams.


4 thoughts on “Meetup: March in like a Lamb?

  1. It feels to early to start thinking about the summer show season, but I have been recieving applications already, so I guess it is time. You reminded me that I need to add getting my self hosted blog up and running. Great job on this one by the way.

  2. Yay on the new blog Lindsey, and man you’ve got yourself a long-ass list of important stuff to take care of! I’ve always wondered how effective and what kinds of work you could get by listing design services in a shop. When you get it up and going could you let us know? Have a wonderful March Lindsey, and hope it is way more lamb time than lion.

  3. The new blog is awesome Lindsey! I have wanted to make my blog more like a website forever and finally have it on my goals for March. We’ll see. I would also love to hear about your design services in your shop. I have had that on my to do list but get stalled on whether to list in my current shop or open a new design shop with graphic works. Just can’t seem to make a decision on that one. You have a crazy list of important stuff this month, best wishes to getting it all worked out. Oh, and letterboxing sounds fun!

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