Brief Breakdown and the Great Movie Collection

This week has not been on schedule. It has not been filled with lists and it has not really been filled with much productivity or exercise. It has been filled with some down time, car-less time and delicious snacks that I may or may not regret later. Well, I guess that I can be thankful that it is the last week in February that my schedule broke down and not the first. But I’m still going to try and get it back together before March.

And so we come to another set of mini goals –

– finish friend’s logo

– get in at least two sessions with the wii fit

– make to do list for next week

– continue listing sale items in the shop

– continue work on the Great Movie Collection list

Matt and I have decided to make a collective list of all of our movies. Too often are we with a little spare cash and not knowing what we already own between the two of us, hence the spreadsheet. I’ve started with mine and the list is pretty long already. He has even more than I do. Why do we often find ourselves without a thing to watch when we have so many movies? 🙂

How is your February going? Have you had a breakdown or has it flown smoothly?


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