>Mid-Month Update: Goals


January has seen a vast improvement in my goal accomplishing.. I’ve been successfully getting up early to get things done before work and I’ve been adding yoga into my schedule three times a week. I have a good start on the new fallenpeach site over at wordpress and I’ve been able to keep up with both blogging and listing new things in the shop several times a week. All in all, this month is going spectacularly.

The weekend was full of relaxation and movies. The Social Network, A-Team and Sorcerer’s Apprentice were all good movies and we followed them up on Sunday with the new Clash of the Titans and Chicago, which are also good movies that we had seen before. (in the case of Chicago, many many times before!). Matt also used our new Mini Cupcake Maker and made lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting. They were good, more bready than cakey, but still good.

I realized over the weekend that I have sort of unintentionally abandoned my Reading Thursday posts and I promise you I will get back to them since I’m reading some fabulous books right now. I was in a mode reading Harry Potter for a while in prep for the movie, and then I was re-reading some other favorites of mine. I’m currently reading the second in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series as well as re-reading Lamb by Christopher Moore, reviews when I finish with them!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are doing good on your January Goals! 🙂


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