>Welcome 2011, January Meetup


How do you like my new music player? I’m so in love with it! 2011 is off to a good, albeit slightly slow start for me. I had planned to be more on top of things, but I’m a few days off. Oh well, starting fresh starting today, January 4th!

I had goals for December,

~ Newsletter – make and send by December 13th. (there will be a coupon! so sign up for our mailing list in our sidebar now!)

~ Finish cross stitch gift
~ Stick to budget for Christmas shopping, be done before the 20th.
~ Blog three times a week; add Christmas/Holiday Photo Fridays as new feature
~ List two new items a week, more if possible. 
~ Begin work on fallenpeach website redesign. 
~add Wii Fit Yoga into my schedule somewhere, even if only once a week. 
and I did okay on them, but getting sick and working retail during the Holidays did not help. Things are slowing down at work and I am determined to make January much better than the last few months of 2010. 
January Goals:
– Finish website Reboot. Right now I’m working on transferring our official website, and blog, to WordPress. Though I can use Dreamweaver and design websites, the frustration I feel when I do isn’t worth it anymore. I design layouts, logos, cards, invitations, all kinds of things that do not involve coding websites. And I’m okay with that. We’ll see how it all works out. 
– Finally add Graphic Design and more of Matt’s art into the shop; similarly add three new items into the shop a week.
– Blog three times a week, at the very least, and start Photo a Week project. Hopefully easier for me than Photo a Day.
– Finish Cross Stitch Gift. 
– Skipping January Newsletter, will have one for February.
and some general 2011 GOALS:
– Get up earlier to get things done before work.
– Work Yoga into my schedule
– Move
– Get fallenpeach to Make money as a business
– Keep a Thankful Journal, weekly entries.
If you’d like to join in our Monthly Meetup, visit Liz’s Athena Dreams blog for more information.

9 thoughts on “>Welcome 2011, January Meetup

  1. >So glad I found your blog via Scoutie Girl. I love looking back through my thankful journals! They keep me focused on what matters and are a great way to remember how very blessed I am when things get though. Good luck with your business this year, I look forward to hearing more.

  2. >Happy New Year Lindsey! I am right with you in the finish the website thing, I hope it all goes really really well. And your general life goals are totally perfect!

  3. >I like your comment about coding for websites. I have a graphic design degree, and websites for me are no fun. I look forward to your new website. Here's wishing you a healthy and prosperous year ahead!Pippin

  4. >I keep a journal full of only happy thoughts. I have kept it on and off for three years. It is full of all those little things that are easily forgotten. Reading back through it never fails to make me happier.

  5. >best of luck in the new year. when I took just my blog over to wordpress, the level of frustration grew for me…remember to seek help on the things that are too much for you….you will find it releases you to do the things you love..like design…I learned the hard way. Have a great January…

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