>Halloween Traditions: Movies Part 2


What a week! I worked a lot of closing shifts this week and I have to admit they wore me out a bit. Luckily I have Halloween movies and Halloween itself to look forward to this weekend!

We’ve already watched a handful of the movies above (and a few that I forgot to add to the stack), but we’re saving our traditions for Halloween itself I think. Mine has always been The Worst Witch. Every year I watch this movie on Halloween whether anyone else joins me or not. Classic, cheesy and very 80’s – The Worst Witch stars a very young Fairuza Balk, Tim Curry and Diana Rigg amongst others. Matt’s traditional Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus, a movie he introduced me the first Halloween we had together (not sure how I missed it before then!).

I’m also really looking forward to our annual viewing of Fright Night and Sleepy Hollow. Not to mention Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Practical Magic. We already watched The Great Pumpkin, but I’m thinking about bringing it out for Halloween itself to watch again. It’s just that good. 😀

Anyway, what are your Halloween movie traditions? And what are you going to be this Sunday? Here’s a hint at our costumes:


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