>Photo Opening and Changing Schedules


 Good evening! First of all, my Photo Opening this weekend at Liquid Lunch was a lot of fun. A handful of friends and family turned out, and there were delicious grilled cheese bites and laughter to be had.  I’m excited to say that my work will be hanging through Christmas, so if you are ever in Milford Connecticut, drop by Liquid Lunch for some delicious food and a peek at my photography.

Immediately the next day I began my new retail job, and a new regime is beginning. I had time this morning for listing a new item (Santa Monica Pier bookmark, very cool) and update my Photo a Day section of my Flickr page (more kitty cuteness!), although as of 9:30 pm I still haven’t taken today’s photo. I’m still debating what it will be… I am determined to keep everything balanced, so although I’m blogging a little later than usual, I will be keeping up with everything (although there will be much less twittering than usual.. ::sigh::).

It was an exciting weekend, and today was an incredibly long day. How was your weekend?


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