>Reading Thursday: Magic Kingdom of Landover Series by Terry Brooks

>I originally read this series back in high school. Now, nearly 15 years after the release of his last in this series, Terry Brooks has a new Landover novel – about which I am super excited. In preparation, I re-read the original books in the series and have just now started the new one.

The Landover series is about Ben Holiday, a lawyer in mourning over the wife of his wife and unborn child. He picks up a specialty catalog and finds for sale a Magic Kingdom … and decides to take a chance. He purchases the Kingship of Landover and arrives to find not only a magical kingdom beyond his imagination, but a magic kingdom in disrepair from lack of a proper king.

Along with his small unique staff, who soon become friends, Ben works to rebuild Landover and become a true ruler. In each book you can see the growth of both Ben, his friends and the Kingdom itself. I love the building of relationships and seeing how they grow and change throughout the series, particularly the odd love-hate relationship between Ben and the dragon Strabo, who I find fascinating. I also love that these are just plain fun fantasy books with creative characters and interesting scenarios.

The newest book in the series, although written many years later, picks up 5 years later but begins in the same location that the last book ended, tying it all neatly together. So far I’m really enjoying it, and I highly recommend this series to any fantasy fan looking for a new author to read. What’s great about these books also is that there are not too many of them and it is easy to read them in order. There are 6 total in the series right now and the originals have been neatly packaged into two volumes for newer readers.

Have you read these books? Would you recommend them? What are you reading right now?


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