>YTT: Newsletters and Last Minute Prep Work


Good Morning! I’ve had a roller coaster of a week so far and it’s only Wednesday! Things are looking up, though, and I’m confident about the rest of the week.

Yesterday: I played around in MailChimp and set up my first newsletter. It’s going to go out the end of this week and if you’d like to receive it just type your email in that sign up box over on the sidebar of this blog. I’m really excited about this and just to let you know all emails will be fallenpeach related and they will arrive once a month in your email box. I also listed a new item, relisted a couple sold items, blogged about a fabulous Etsy seller, and forgot to take my photo for the day. I also put some new icons up in the sidebar to make it easier to find us in other places on the internet. What do you think of them?

Today: I already listed a new item (see above!), I will make up for the lost photo and take another for today, print a last minute photo for my show this weekend, buy a new frame to replace the one that broke, do some cleaning and confirm everything for my opening.

Tomorrow: I have a bunch of errands to run, will list a new item, blog, and see what happens today that will need to be added to my list for tomorrow.

How is your week going?


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