>Autumn Thoughts and Halloween Cards


I woke up thinking about Fall. Maybe it’s because I turned off my air conditioner and fell back asleep, waking up to a cool but silent room. Autumn is my favorite season by far. I love everything about it, the cool days, trees changing colors, Halloween and her decorations… bats and cats and scarecrows and pumpkins!

Almost immediately when I think of Fall certain things come to mind. I’m not sure why I associate these things with Fall, but I do. Girl Folk Music is tops – Dar Williams, Lisa Loeb, Erin Mckeown to start; movies and books like Practical Magic and Foxfire come to mind second. Flowing skirts and earthy tones work their way more into my wardrobe more as well most times. The leather jacket comes out and I feel more badass sometimes. That last comes from walking through the trees late at night in college after watching Buffy in the campus center, I think.

Our newest cards are available in a set of 4 (one of each design) including envelopes. The illustrations are by Matt and I love each and every one of them. The bat has made its way to my desktop and I think it might stay there until after Halloween. So adorable. Click the image above or here to find out more information.

What things do you associate with Fall? What is your favorite season?


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