>Craft Fair Prep: Pricing Sheet / Signs


For this fair I’ve been reworking a lot of my standard craft fair pieces. One of the latest has been my pricing tags. I tape or afix these to the containers holding my products. I decided to incorporate my new logo and then decided to make a whole list to just put framed on the table for people to glance at. I’m not sure where on the table I’ll be putting it yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out! 🙂

How do they look?

Tomorrow I’ll be working on actual display pieces. A lot has changed since my first fair and I think this time I want to totally master what my basic display pieces are. Last show we switched out a bulky black display for greeting cards with several smaller bronze/tin vintage looking buckets for people to flip through and they seem to be working much better – it makes people more active about looking at our cards. And it takes up a lot less space so things look less cramped.

The closer we get to Saturday the more excited I get and my to do list is definitely on it’s way to being totally done.

What’s your big project this week?


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