>The Meetup: August Begins


August came sort of suddenly for me, although I knew it was coming and had plenty of notice. Let’s look back on July before I get into the Madness of August


1. Liquid Lunch – I need to confirm my hanging date, send out invitations, print photos, frame photos and do a lot of other stuff. Deadline : July 13 if everything goes as planned.This is becoming a very difficult thing to plan, I’m removing it from my to do list until I get contact from the person at Liquid Lunch.
2. Craft Fairs – must make new and more products for the Oyster Festival in Augustcontinuing thing
3. Etsy – want to make and list a lot of new things, including art from Matt and graphic design services.continuing thing
4. get organized again. I need to start getting back into using my engagement book, making lists and basically being in work mode instead of road trip mode.
5. I want to go through old photos that I haven’t edited yet and find new products in them. I also have the new slew of photos to go through. I’d like to get a good way through all of this in July.
6. The book project. I’d like to write a book about my road trip. Goal for July is to start thinking about angles and basic outline.

I edited a lot of photos in July. I am actually almost done editing photos for the grand Road Trip, which impresses me since it took me a year to go through the last trip’s photos. I also have been listing a new magnet every day starting last week, I just haven’t gotten Matt’s art printed and photographed yet. So number 3 has kind of been done too. As far as the book, I’m still trying to figure it out but I’ve thought about it a lot this month so I’d say I did 6 even if I’m not quite done.

August will be a time of more travel and craft fair preparation. We have a wedding next week and then we will be selling at the Milford Oyster Festival on August 21st. This will be the biggest fair we’ve done yet, so I am a little nervous.

1. Choose images and send out for new greeting cards.

2. Figure out how to hang frames and art inside tent, buy supplies necessary.

3. Print, cut and generally make the 30 new bookmarks I designed.

4. Continue work on Halloween Products, begin listing in Mid-August.

5. Decide on images to make as new prints, mat them and get them ready.

6. Continue listing new magnets, bookmarks when ready.

7. Prices are ready, so get going and list graphic design in Etsy store.

8.  Continue job searching

9. Oh and maybe work out packaging for individual magnets!

And that’s my August. I’m excited and really think I can get it all done, I just hope that I can get it all done ON TIME.

If you would like to join in the Meetup, visit Athena Dreams Design and find out more!


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