>Craft Fair Prep and Budgeting

>We will be selling our wares at the Milford Oyster Festival next month; this is the biggest show that we will have done to date and I’m a little nervous. I’m nervous about the weather, about whether I’ll even make the fee back, about how much to bring and about WHAT to bring. Every time I do a show sometime different sells, so I really have no way of judging what will sell and what won’t.

Ultimately, I plan on bringing everything I have, but my current dilemma is how much NEW to make for the fair (and for Etsy). From the road trip, I’ve edited a little more than half of my photos. I have 35 new bookmarks (so far) and over a hundred images to choose from for greeting cards and prints. And I haven’t even thought about magnets yet.

I would like to premiere a Halloween line of some kind and my Vintage line at the fair, but I only have so much money and it shrinks every day. So today and tomorrow I will sort what I have new and decide upon the minimum that I can afford to make and we will see what happens.


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