>YTT: Trikky and Preparations


 Yesterday sort of felt like Wednesday to me, so it’s weird that today is Wednesday, but it is. Above you can see the current incarnation of my DIY Trikky – aka Jessie aka my Mascot from the Away We Go Roadtrip (see her former incarnations here). She is spray painted a copper and brown color with blue and white stripey sock and ear. I may make the other stripey sock and ear eventually, but I’m still deciding.

Anyway, back to YTT!

 Yesterday: I blogged, released a new single magnet to my store, resurrected my flickr page (become my contacts?), fiddled with the blog’s sidebar (how do you like it?), edited a handful of photos, worked out on the wii fit, made an ad banner, watched Warehouse 13 and in general got some little things done.

Today: I will list another new magnet (stay tuned!), edit more photos, work on an artists bio for my upcoming show (hopefully), start planning out what I need to make for the Oyster Festival next month, and continue working on my graphic design listings for Etsy (coming soon!).

Tomorrow: I will edit more photos, list another magnet, start making decisions on what new greeting cards I would like to make, and re-sort myself with a general to do list so that I know what I need to work on.

What are your short term goals this week?

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