>YTT: Let the Insanity Begin


Yesterday: I worked hard on updating and re-organizing my resume, I also started work on a new personal (non-fallenpeach) business card. I blogged about my June Goals and showed you just how insane my life is right now.

Today: I will finish my resume and hopefully my business card as well. I want to print some restock bookmarks, brainstorm for my magazine article, and cross more small things off my list. I’m also picking up my frames and should bring my photos somewhere to get them printed.

Tomorrow: I have my weekly meeting with my career coach to start and then I’d like to do some graphics work making new signage for my craft fairs and things like that. I’ll also finish up projects from the prior two days if I don’t get everything done.

Hopefully this week I’ll cross a lot of stuff of my giant to do list and keep myself motivated and active.What about you? Do you have a lot to do this week?


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