>Poppets Gather


The Poppets have gathered together, which means that I’m officially back in my room. Walking is still a bit hard and painful, but I’m alternately resting and using my foot again so that I can finish healing up and be more mobile. So far so good, which makes me happy.

In preparation for my Meetup post tomorrow (OMG JUNE!), I started making a huge to do list yesterday. I ended up having to sub-categorize it because most of the things I have to do have close deadlines and I need to be able to switch back and forth between projects (right now I am in the middle of 7 projects…er.. maybe 8) daily in order to get everything done on time. It’s a bit overwhelming, especially since I did some things but not much during my time on the couch and considering I’m still not completely mobile but I believe in myself and it will all get done. Hopefully on time.

Today feels like a weekend day and I know I’ll be surprised when tomorrow arrives and it’s already Tuesday, so I should get started on some of this list and see how far I can get. More specifics tomorrow!


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